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In English composition gulliver’s travels the feeling after reading

12 months, I read the British writer Jonathan; Swift’s gulliver’s travels, novel by bitter ironies and humor, extraordinary imagination and exaggeration, describe the love sailing adventure, four degrees gulliver travel around the world, experienced greatly small breathtaking and interesting adventures.

Small and medium-sized people’s kingdom, adult kingdom light blame extraordinary story deeply attracted me, however, give me the deepest impression is, 1710 in North America, rafting gulliver skillfully visit the island for the wisdom of, met with kindness, honesty and friendship for wisdom of virtue. Wisdom in the language of the kingdom for no "lying" and "deceit" this word, people don’t understand the meaning of it more. They don’t know what call "suspect", what is "no confidence" in their country, everything is true, transparent.

Because of the kingdom in the hui gulliver had a good time, and he fully integrated into the society, so that the human and metaphor and hu contact the formation of strong contrast, because they always with suspicion of his honesty, made him feel lost to humans, the extreme dislike.

I admire the hero could have to hui for the comet, because we are pursuing the kingdom of the ideal situation, and yearning in here you don’t need to worry the true and false, and talking to people in the real world, with so much we do not like to see things are often happen: someone with other people’s hard-earned money, diddle rhetoric was abducted children seek profits, some even for money leave his own parents. No wonder our teacher, elder since the childhood education we have to remain vigilant, don’t be deceived. This and we advocate help others, love others is united very hard. When I met a person who has difficulty, to lend a helping hand, I hesitate to; When someone for me, I can’t accept clearance. These make me feel pain, contradiction and disoriented. Both hampered I love others, also missed the others "love", in a sad isn’t?

I don’t know the eighteenth century America’s case, the glory of the two parties exceedingly sentimental, ambiguity of relation, of course, there was no way swift’s debate experience to eat eggs should be knocked the height of head, which heel "principles" problem "high follow the party" and "low with the party" beauty.

I blamed swift, I want to have a tolerance of heart. And later swift also gradually become can understand, give my feeling is that he is justice.

He was a real irony British features: "greed, the party is divided, hypocrisy, without faith, brutal, anger, crazy, resentment, jealousy, lust, sinister and ambition." He described the beast sarcastic man upside of paradox: MaCheng a rational carrier, but are into dirty rotten, excrement and urine to fly the popularity of an inferior animals and greed, hu jintao. His talk about human nature, is willing to be subjected to money, not extravagant waste is insatiable. Finish see gulliver’s travels after, we have to look at themselves, we have a problem on the root shadow.

A word, I think very classic: to review the angry, render times exaggerated by lashing out at the shortcomings of The Times; absurd In hatred and pessimistic, should be behind a bitter sorrow the feelings.

Didn’t think in those simple as the DaBaiHua travel stories have day-books contain so deep connotation.

I hope one day we society also like hui for the children’s eyes no longer have suspicions, education and reality is unified. I wish to pay the effort, also hope you and I together, from ourselves, to start from now, let the society more sincere, a bit less hypocrisy.



浮士德的形象反映了歌德對人性、對人的精神內涵與境界的深刻洞察和把握。 他塑造的浮士德性格中兩重性使他處在上帝和魔鬼之間,兼有神性和魔性。他若不斷地追求知識與真理,追求美善的事物,追求高遠的理想,會上升到靈的境界;如果他貪圖享樂,胸無大志,庸碌無為,且執迷其中不能醒悟,將墜入魔道,走向墮落。歌德認為,沉淪和進取的雙重引力在浮士德身上並不對等,他的神性要強過魔性,他本質的、主導性的一面是自強不息、發奮進取、永不滿足、積極向上,這就是所謂“浮士德精神”。

但歌德並不因此看輕魔性在浮士德追求過程中的推動作用。歌德首先承認魔性只能被暫時克服,卻不能被永久根除,因它是可以容忍的。 《浮士德》中上帝的話其實道出了歌德悟出的智慧箴言:“人要奮鬥,失誤免不了。”歌德同樣看到,魔性與神性相對相生,因此是絕對必要的。浮士德的一生是神性和魔性矛盾鬥爭的過程。他奮發進取、永不滿足的精神是他上升的內在動力,靡非斯托利用浮士德身上的魔性誘使他墮落,然而浮士德的神性使他能夠吸取教訓,不斷克服魔障。正是在這種辯證發展之中,浮士德的精神內涵才日益深厚,境界日益提升。

《浮士德》的結尾是光明的。浮士德喊出了“你真美呀,請稍稍停留!”表面上看,他獲得了滿足,也準備享受這滿足,靡非斯托因此要攫走他的靈魂,但上帝派天使把浮士德的靈魂帶到了天堂,因為“凡是自強不息者,到頭我輩終能救”, 正可謂天道酬勤,上帝嘉許之。既然如此,為什麼《浮士德》仍然被看成是一部悲劇呢?這主要是因為,歌德相信人類追求至善是沒有止境的,但個體的生命卻是有限的。浮士德獲得了兩次生命,這生命仍然有限,所以不可能達到終極的目標。他探索的五個階段,遠沒有窮盡人類的精神生活。

人的精神容易懈怠,貪圖安逸,因此上帝造出魔鬼,來催人驚醒、奮進。魔鬼對浮士德而言,就不只是一個引誘者,他也發揮著督促和警策的作用。魔鬼說自己“老想作惡卻總是把善促成,我便是這種力量的一部分”,發揮的就是這一層意思。他主觀上在引誘浮士德走向墮落,客觀上卻起到了推動浮士德前進的作用。也就是在這個意義上, 可以說靡非斯托是浮士德身上另一個自我的外化形式,或者說靡非斯托和浮士德共同構成人類天性的雙重性,乃至上帝的兩面性。總之,二者相輔相成,相生相剋,才使造化臻於完形。




浮士德的肉體毀滅了,但他的精神得救了。一個行動的人,一個上進的人,一個不斷自省並最終走上正途的人,最終會得到救助。 這就是浮士德這個形象上所體現出的不斷追求和人生真諦的探索精神。


The novel by the pungent satire and humorous, the strange imagination and the exaggeration, Gulliver who the description is very fond of the navigation risk, travels around the world in all directions, has experienced every large or small thrilling and the interesting fortuitous encounter.

In travel notes adult the country, Lilliput’s strange story has attracted me deeply, however the impression deepest in 1710 Gulliver went boating North America for me, on the chance encounter desert island brightly because of the country, knew had, the honest moral excellence benevolently brightly because of the country king’s story. Does not have because in bright country’s language “to lie” and “the deceit” such inscription, the people do not understand their meaning. They do not understand anything are “suspect”, anything is “does not trust”。 In theirs state, all are real, transparent.

I envy Gulliver to be able very much to arrive fortunately brightly because of the country, where is the ideal region which we pursue and yearned for, does not need to worry others speech in here you the genuine and fake. But in the realistic society, some people swindles others’ hard-earned money with the honeyed words; Some people kidnap and sell the child to seek the sudden and huge profits; Some people even abandon their for the money birth parents ……No wonder, our teacher, the elder since childhood educates us to want to enhance vigilance, carefully is deceived.

I was also hoping the one day of our society also to be able to look like brightly because of country such, in children’s eye no longer has the anxiety, the education and the reality is unified. I hope for this reason diligently, also hopes everybody same place, starts from me, starts from the side, lets this social many spots be sincere, the few spot is false.

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